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Personal Injury Law Book

When you’ve been injured in an accident, you’re suddenly confronted by a lot of questions you didn’t have before. If there’s a serious injury, odds are you or your family member won’t be working. That raises the following questions:
  • How will I pay my bills?
  • How can I support my family?
  • Will my insurance cover it all?
  • What happens if I lose my job?
  • How can I pay for rehabilitation?
These aren’t unique questions for your situation. Every injured person has had at least one of these thoughts. They are scary questions to face and you will need answers. Another question you might have is “Will I need to sue?” If your injures were caused by someone’s negligence, then you have a legal right to be compensated for lost wages, unpaid medical bills, and any pain, suffering, or inconvenience to you or your family. Despite the warm and fuzzy marketing campaigns, insurance companies are primarily concerned about one thing: making money.  An attitude that’s often reflected in compensation offers that don’t cover what you need it to. There’s a lot of stigma around filing a personal injury claim, but only one percent of all lawsuits filed in our country are personal injury cases. Even then, their goal isn’t to make the victim, in this case you, filthy rich. They’re designed to get the injured what they’re legally entitled to and get them back on their feet. Maybe the stigma isn’t a big concern. Maybe you’re worried that recovering from an injury and dealing with a lawsuit might be too much to handle. That’s assuming you have time to find an attorney to begin with. That’s why we created this free personal injury book. In it, we go over Pennsylvania’s personal injury laws, what you can file a claim for, how to choose a lawyer and what happens when there’s a settlement or if your claim goes to court. All of that is included in the free download. All you have to do is fill out the form below. And if you still have questions about your situation, do not hesitate to contact one of our four offices in Pennsylvania.

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