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Central Pennsylvania Personal Injury Lawyers

Mission Statement of Hagelgans & Veronis Law Firm

At Hagelgans & Veronis, we represent only people who have suffered an injury or death as a result of another’s negligence. We have not and will never represent insurance companies, big business or wealthy corporations.

We pride ourselves on providing personalized and conscientious representation to the victims of personal injury. Our law firm’s philosophy is to treat our clients with the respect they deserve and to provide the best legal representation possible for them.

Because of the complexities of modern-day law, we limit our practice solely to representing people and families who have been wrongfully injured or disabled in accidents caused by the negligence or carelessness of others. By limiting our practice solely to personal injury law, we are able to provide our clients with the best representation possible and obtain the results and settlements that they deserve.

We have successfully recovered tens of millions of dollars from insurance companies to compensate our clients since our law firm’s inception in 1994. Our law firm has an established track record and reputation for successfully recovering maximum compensation for the clients we have represented.

At Hagelgans & Veronis, we receive our greatest satisfaction from seeing our clients recover from their injuries and move on with their lives, return to their jobs and to their everyday activities as soon as possible following an accident.

More Experience Superior Results

Our Clients Appreciate the Care We Bring to Every Case

We Represent Only Injured Victims

The cases handled by Hagelgans & Veronis are individually handled or supervised by one of the two partners in the firm, James D. Hagelgans or Nicholas A. Veronis. A client’s personal injury case is not assigned to lawyers or paralegals who may not have the experience, knowledge, expertise, inclination or professionalism to effectively negotiate fair settlements with insurance companies and litigate lawsuits if the insurance company is not willing to pay fair compensation to persons we represent. The conscientious manner in which we handle a clients’ claim enables us to know the full extent of our clients’ injuries and obtain maximum value as quickly as possible. The unique aspects of each clients’ claims are fully developed to obtain full and fair compensation.

Hagelgans & Veronis pride themselves on establishing good relationships with their clients so that by the end of a case, each client can feel and appreciate the time and dedication Hagelgans & Veronis has expended in obtaining a fair settlement for him or her.

All of our clients have been injured. It is Hagelgans and Veronis’s policy to treat each client with compassion and with dignity.

We will provide to each client the time necessary to properly handle his or her claim. There are no “small” cases at Hagelgans & Veronis…YOU are important and will be treated with the utmost patience and respect.

Unlike many law firms claiming to specialize in personal injury, the law firm of Hagelgans & Veronis does not also represent insurance companies or corporations and has never represented said entities.

The Attention You Need For the Results You Deserve

You call Hagelgans & Veronis because you or somebody you love has been injured or killed. You have important questions and concerns. Often, your questions need to be answered immediately. Call us…we do not charge to answer questions about your claim. You will know immediately if your case is the type that Hagelgans & Veronis handles. Hagelgans & Veronis does not handle divorce, real estate or criminal matters.

Speak Directly with Our Attorneys

From the initial free consultation, your case will be handled by an experienced injury attorney, not a paralegal or legal secretary.

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