Brain Injuries Caused By Football

Earlier this year, two Pennsylvania college football players got the judgement they were looking for. In a negli­­gence suit filed against Lackawanna College, Augustus Feleccia and Justin Resch claim they sustained injuries while practicing an “Oklahoma Drill”. The players were then evaluated and cleared to play by unqualified medical personal employed by the college.

The Pennsylvania Superior Court ruled in favor of the two players and rejected a previous judgment that claimed Feleccia and Resch waived their rights prior to injury—in Pennsylvania, this is commonly known as the assumption of the risk rule.

With new judgment, Feleccia and Resch can pursue their personal injury case with a jury, who will be asked to assess whether the controversial drill is relevant to the game and whether the injuries sustained are inherently equal the assumed risk of the sport. Continue reading “Brain Injuries Caused By Football”

How Does Pennsylvania Define Premises Liability?

Trying to decipher Pennsylvania’s premises liability law can be frustrating. That’s why we’ve created the infographic below. We’ve taken the law and boiled it down to some of the more important points we think property owners and their guests should be aware of.

While we’ve primarily handled slip and fall claims, a type of premises liability, if you were injured on someone’s property and you believe your injuries are due to their negligence, you can contact one of our central Pennsylvania offices for a free consultation. Continue reading “How Does Pennsylvania Define Premises Liability?”