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How To Find The Best Nursing Home For Your Family

Seeing your loved one go from being active to becoming ill or sedentary is stressful and emotional. There’s a lot to think about, like where they’ll live and who will take care of them. In many cases, it falls to the elderly individual’s children to decide what’s best.

Some live close to their ailing family member and are able to care for them. Others are not so lucky. Living hundreds or thousands of miles away makes it difficult to provide the care and support needed.

Whether it’s your parents or another family member, there is a real possibility you may have to care for someone in their old age. They may need more care than you can provide, forcing you to put your relative in a nursing home. Since finding the right care facility can be trying, here’s some information to make it easier. Continue reading “How To Find The Best Nursing Home For Your Family”

Holiday Charity, Toy Drives Around Lancaster

Millions of adults and children struggle with poverty, making the holiday season a bleak one. For those who aren’t struggling, this time of year is an opportunity to step up and give to those less fortunate.

There are thousands of organizations, both local and nationwide, that make it easy to give this holiday season. Whether you can give a lot or a little, know that your donation is making someone else’s holiday a littler happier. We encourage you to check out this list of charity drives and events and find one you and your family can participate in this year. Continue reading “Holiday Charity, Toy Drives Around Lancaster”

Burn Injuries [Infographic]

Each year, thousands of people suffer burn injuries. Some burns are minor while others cause extensive damage. The following infographic lists various causes and the types of burns people may endure.

If you have suffered severe burn injuries because of someone’s neglectful behavior, contact our personal injury law firm and schedule a free consultation. You may be entitled to financial compensation. Continue reading “Burn Injuries [Infographic]”

What Cars and Trucks May Not Know About Motorcycles

When the snow and ice begin to clear and the sun finally starts to warm the air, everyone gets a little excited. We all look forward to blue skies, fair weather, and all the fun outdoor activities of spring and summer. For some, the ideal warm day is spent at the beach, for others it’s an opportunity to lounge around the pool and spend the afternoon reading, but few people get more excited for warmer weather than those who ride motorcycles. Continue reading “What Cars and Trucks May Not Know About Motorcycles”

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Drinking is a part of most people’s St. Patrick’s Day tradition. However, there are DUI laws specific to Pennsylvania that you should be aware of, before your night of drinking. If you have been drinking, just call a cab to come get you! Be safe and have fun!

DUI Laws Pennsylvania


DUI Laws

For instance… Did you know, if you refuse a chemical DUI test you could be considered automatically guilty for drinking under the influence? Pennsylvania is an Implied Consent state, meaning the sheer act of driving implies you are willing to undergo a chemical test if police suspect you are driving impaired.

Or what about the fact you can still be arrested for DUI even if you aren’t actually driving! That’s right, if the key is even in the ignition, regardless if you are drunk, passed out or just warming up the car, you could still be charged with a DUI.

The point is, don’t drink and drive. Ever.

If you or a loved one has been injured by a drunk driver, call Hagelgans & Veronis today 717-295-7009! 

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DUI Facts Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania DUI Laws:

DUI laws vary from state to state, however Pennsylvania has quite a few rules surrounding driving under the influence that everyone may not know.

For instance, did you know?

  • Pennsylvania has a “Implied Consent” law, meaning every driver on the roadway automatically consent to a chemical test if an officer suspects they are under the influence.
  • You can be arrested for DUI  in Pennsylvania even if you aren’t actually driving!

Take a look at the rest of these facts below!

DUI Facts Pennsylvania

Injured by a Drunk Driver? Call us!

Make sure you know the laws and never, ever drink and drive. If you, or a loved one has been injured by a drunk driver, call the attorneys at Hagelgans & Veronis for a free consultation today!

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Distracted Walking

America is undergoing somewhat of a transportation revolution. All over the country, major cities are making more and more of an effort to accommodate those who wish to commute on foot. Having more pedestrians definitely has its upsides. It’s better for the environment, it saves people the money they would have spent on gas, and it’s much healthier than spending your commute in your car. Unfortunately, an increase in pedestrian traffic has a major downside as well: the potential for distracted walking. Continue reading “Distracted Walking”

6 Steps to Take After an Accident

The first minutes after a car accident, you’re likely to be a little confused and possibly in shock. You may be so caught up in the chaos of the crash that you forget to take some of the crucial steps in order to pursue a personal injury or car accident claim, not to mention the steps you need to take to keep yourself safe. Continue reading “6 Steps to Take After an Accident”

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